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This howto will explain howto use high level authentication (WPA2 enterprise) with Cisco Airolan 1240 AP Wireless Access Point, and centralized users database (LDAP).

Well will asume that you already have a runnning LDAP server, and we will call it

Install RADIUS

Server installation

emerge radiusd

Server configuration

Server test

Youn must run Raduis server with the "-X" flag to run in debug mode

/usr/sbin/radiusd -X

Running server at boot time

rc-update add radiusd default


Monitore your Radius server with SNMP

Install and compile SNMP with smux support

We will set the USE flag of the SNMP package like this


and emerge (download and compile) the SNMP package

emerge snmp

Monitore with Nagios

Configure WAP as autonomous

Cisco WAP are not provided as autonomous access points, but in lightweight mode. It must be updated with this procedure [1] on Cisco website.

Configure Client


Windows wireless client

Linux client

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