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First of all get all the images you want into a folder, I used ~/Images, then you rename all of these images to 1,2,3,.. etc. These images must all have the same file extension too.

Then add this to the top of your ~/.xinitrc:

File: ~/.xinitrc

Then create ~/bin/ and add this to it:

File: ~/bin/
#Created By Andy Etches
feh --bg-scale /home/andy/Images/$BINUMBER.jpg

Make sure that you set HIBOUND to the number of the last file, not one higher than it!

An extension of this script follows:

File: ~/bin/
#Random image wallpaper selector
#ArrnekTornal <at>
#Script inspired by code by Andy Etches from the Gentoo Wiki at:
#    [[HOWTO_Openbox]]


ls "$IMAGE_DIR" > images.tmp

#Redirect input to come from themes.tmp and save as file descriptor 2
exec 7< images.tmp
exec <&7

#Declare an array to hold each image name in the directory IMAGE_DIR
declare -a IMAGES

#Read each image file name from the images.tmp file
while read -u 7 CUR_IMAGE
    #Assign the next name to the next position in the array

    #Increment array index position
    ((at i++))

#Close file descriptor 7
exec 7<&-

#Delete the temporary themes list
rm -f images.tmp


#Currently an array of images names exists
#Now set the desktop image to a random image from this array

#Get a random number from 0-MAX_INDEX

#Now set the corresponding image
feh --bg-scale "${IMAGE_DIR}/${IMAGES[${IMAGE_INDEX}]}"

The directory ~/wallpapers contains all the images desired to be potentially displayed. Running the script randomly selects one of these images and sets it as the desktop image.

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